Teaching Opportunity: Sierra Leone

We are looking for someone interested to help deliver some online lectures to the Sierra Leone Physiotherapy BSc programme students. This programme commenced in 2018 and we have 17 students currently going through year 2. The school is based in a village called Masanga in the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone and the course is accredited to the University of Sierra Leone.

Due to the current international travel restrictions, foreign lecturers are unable to travel to Masanga to teach specific aspects of the course that the national physios are unable to cover. Johanna Potter, a UK volunteer on this project and committee member of ADAPT, would like to share this with you to help identify someone interested teaching the pathology modules via an online platform to the year 2 students. There are already two other medical professionals who are delivering some of the course content to the students but the course lead would like additional help, especially from a physiotherapist who has had previous experience dealing with some / all of the pathologies listed below in the course content.

We would be incredibly grateful if you were able to put some time aside to help the students progress in their learning. 

To share interest please contact ADAPT via our EMAIL or contact Johanna directly HERE