About Us

ADAPT (Physiotherapists for Global Health) is a Professional Network recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Mission Statement

“ADAPT will support members and facilitate information exchange in order to contribute to the development of culturally appropriate effective physiotherapy services world-wide, and promote an understanding of global healthcare and develoment issues.”


We aim to support members by facilitating the exchange of information and by this means to help develop effective physiotherapy & rehabilitation services globally. We try to do this in a way that promotes an understanding of healthcare in all cultures and belief systems and which is socially and economically and environmentally appropriate.

How we work

In practice this means being part of a support network of physiotherapists, who understand the unique professional and personal challenges that occur working overseas, specifically in low and middle income countries, often in asture environments or post humanitarian disaster. If you are looking to get into this field, we can put you in touch with others who may have worked in parts of the world you are looking to travel too. We can offer peer advice and information about countries you might be interested to volunteer or work in and how best you might prepare yourself for that.

We also offer a ‘buddy system’ for a listening or advising ear back at home, whilst you are overseas. We have this website where you can find resources, blogs from physiotherapists who have worked or volunteered overseas,  and other information about events run by us, or pointers to documents and resources from other reputable sources. We tend to have our study day and AGM in November, and are looking at building a wider programme of events, many of which may be online. Our twitter feed will keep you informed of our events, and also other global health activities and discussions. 

ADAPT is keen to keep up to date with where you are and what you are doing.  If you are planning a professional period abroad, specifically in a low and middle income country, or for humanitarian relief, or have just returned from working overseas do let us know.  If you are interested in sharing your experiences with ADAPT members, or writing an article for our website, please contact adaptenquiries@gmail.com

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