‘How Far Is It To Bethlehem?

Source: Sussex Express

Lesley is well known in the physiotherapy world and amongst the global health and humanitarian community. She spent a significant amount of time and contributed greatly to the ADAPT team. Lesley has lived and worked in the West Bank and Gaza Strip between 1988 and 1999. She headed up the team that developed and ran degree programmes in physiotherapy and occupational therapy at Bethlehem University and a short spell in Gaza at the UNRWA College of Nursing. As a result of these projects and an interest in Biblical sites, she travelled widely in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

“Some of the stories in this book are personal, some are about other people I met,” said Lesley, “others are stories I heard and some are more than one story put together. All the stories are based on my time working and living in the Middle East – some are about situations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and others are based in Israel. I leave the reader to decide which stories are which. Stories represent the complexities of life for all who live there and pose questions but provide no answers. A Chinese proverb says “May you live in interesting times” we certainly did.” – Lesley Dawson

The book includes 76 stories and memories all produced as set pieces of Bourne to Write workshop homework and timed exercises, so the book grew without Lesley noticing it. Now it’s a fascinating and often humorous insight into life and education in a highly complex, sensitive part of the world. The book also features 44 of Lesley’s photographs.

The proceeds are being donated to an organization working with people with disability, Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability (ABCD).

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3rd Global Rehabilitation 2030 meeting – World Health Organization

Quoting WHO: The need for rehabilitation is far, far greater than most people assume. More than 2.4 billion people, almost a third of the global population, have health conditions that could benefit from rehabilitation”- Assistant Director-General,  Professor Jérôme Salomon opened the meeting with these remarks.

Adding to the spirit of the participants “Foundation, motivation and commitment” were the words chosen by Dr Alarcos Cieza to open the 3rd Global Rehabilitation 2030 meeting.

We would like to express our gratitude for your presence and engagement during the 2-day meeting where WHO has showcased a comprehensive range of new technical products designed to address key challenges in the rehabilitation sector. Your keen interest and thoughtful presentations reaffirmed our belief in the importance of these products. We are confident that they will make a positive impact in strengthening rehabilitation in health systems as stated in the resolution:

The meeting was followed by the World Rehabilitation Alliance (WRA) launch. The launch was celebrated with a video message by Emilia Clarke, actress and rehabilitation advocate, and a musical performance by Ricky Kej, 3x Grammy award winner including the first ever global rehabilitation song! A huge thanks to Ricky and his amazing team for being rehabilitation champions.

If you missed the events you can watch the recordings here:

Committee Recruitment

Interested in joining the team?

Be part of our core team, no global health experience needed, approximately 2-8 hours per month (flexible).

ADAPT is looking for a new member or members in a shared role to join the subcommittee as a Website Content Uploader to help prepare digital content and upload to the ADAPT website. The key responsibility is to accept content from the team and upload to the appropriate locations on the ADAPT website. This will include updating the existing pieces while ensuring proper formatting.

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ADAPT International Conference 2023

Teaching methods for physios in low-resourced settings.

Friday 24th November, 2023

Ever felt you, as a physio, need to know HOW to teach?

This conference hosts specialists presenting cross-cultural physio teaching methods, specifically for low-resourced contexts.  See the speaker’s biographies from September here (biographies to follow) 

Due to the successful 2022 conference being oversubscribed at 500 participants, we recommend booking your place early to avoid disappointment.

You can register your place here (link to follow) from September 2023

Conference time: 09.30am – 3.30pm

ADAPT members will be notified two weeks before the public. 

ADAPT Conference 2022 – Resources Supporting Physiotherapists in Low Resourced Settings

Join us at ADAPT as we host our 3rd virtual Global Conference for Physiotherapists and Healthcare Practitioners with an interest in Global Health.

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Conference Speakers 


Rehabilitation Resources developed by HI for LMIC

Eric Weerts, Rehabilitation Specialist, Humanity and Inclusion.

ReLAB-HS: Courses and Information

Rachael Lowe, Founder & President, Physiopedia.

Rehabilitation Resources developed by the International Committee for the Red Cross

Leslie Angama, Mueller & Lucia Bernhard, Physical Rehabilitation Specialist for ICRC.

Community Based Rehabilitation Resources for Low Resourced Settings.

Huib Cornielje, Founding Director, Enablement & Editor-in-Chief DCID Journal & Zelalem Demeke, RMNH Senior Program Manager, Ethiopia.

World Health Organisation: Emergency Wheelchair Provision

Emma Tebbutt, WHO Global AT Specialist.

Accessing The Global Rehabilitation ‘Working Abroad Document’

Lesley Gillon, ADAPT Ex-Chair & Global Rehabilitator.

A Zoom access link will be shared closer to the time.