ADAPT Conference 2020 – Rehabilitation in low resourced settings during pandemics.

For the first time this year, the ADAPT conference will be available online, enabling participation for distant field workers.

27/11/2020 All Day

A Career in Humanitarian Physiotherapy

No two paths into humanitarian physiotherapy appear to be the same. Even the definition of “a career in humanitarian physiotherapy” can be extrapolated in many different ways allowing different entry points and a wide variety of involvement opportunities. This short talk will review one physio’s route into humanitarian work and highlight many potential opportunities that include, but are certainly not isolated to, direct clinical care.

This session, delivered by members of ADAPT (Physiotherapists for Global Health), will include a Q and A and will be recorded.

14/07/2020 6:00 pm

Rehab for Migrant Populations

Rehab for Migrant Populations
ADAPT is hosting another exciting study day – this time we are addressing the topic of rehab for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrant populations.

17/11/2018 All Day

Birmingham, Birmingham

So you’re thinking of working abroad…

ADAPT, OT Frontiers and Communication Therapy International are pleased to collaborate in a one day event aimed at those interested in volunteering or working in low resourced countries.

10/03/2018 All Day

Birmingham, Birmingham

Are we meeting the challenges of ageing in the developing world?

Join us for a riveting and topical study day where we explore the current global health trends and the impact of an ageing population.

17/11/2017 All Day

Multidisciplinary Team working in Global Health

Interesting talks, lectures and debates around MDT working in global health. Topics include: generalists vs specialists and practical sessions on wheelchair provision in Global Health delivered by Motivation.

18/11/2016 - 19/11/2016 All Day

Short Term Trips – Maximising the Experience For All

Exploring the highs and lows of short term physiotherapy trips – from student elective placements, to emergency response deployments and long term capacity building programmes.

27/11/2015 - 28/11/2015 All Day