ADAPT Membership

ADAPT Membership

ADAPT is a Professional Network recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

When you join ADAPT you become a member of a community of physiotherapists interested in physiotherapy across the globe, but specifically in low and middle income countries and in humanitarian relief settings. Our members also include those who would like to volunteer or work abroad, those who have just returned, and those who have ‘caught the bug, can’t get it out of their DNA’. Our members have ongoing partnerships and connections with overseas locations. 

To complete your online registration/renewal please follow the link:

Level Price  
ADAPT Member

£20.00 per Year.


Membership Benefits

On joining you will gain access to the member only area on our site.  This gives you access to Useful Resources such as Practical Guidance and Supporting Materials.  In addition to this, we can link members who have similar experiences of work to help collaboration projects, or provide various forms of mentorship for working in new places. We are currently working on an interactive map that demonstrates where our members are and have worked during their careers.

We are proud to announce that ADAPT work in collaboration with Physiopedia, where ADAPT members can join physioplus for a 30% discount. Here you find a wealth of courses related to multiple fields of practice and offer various challenging contexts. This includes the ReLAB-HS consortium which is an international project undertaking a wide range of activities to support the development of rehabilitation within low-and middle-income countries, especially those affected by conflict.

For more information on ReLAB-HS:

ReLAB-HS courses on Physioplus

Testimony: “Personally, I joined physioplus last year to access the ReLAB-HS courses and repository.  I have found these incredibly useful to gain a better understanding of physios in global health, particularly LMIC and conflict settings.  I highly recommend joining up.  (You can access ReLAB-HS short courses of just 2 hours, through to three week courses of 4hrs per week).”  Fiona Lindsay, ADAPT Research Officer

To join up, please visit the members area of the ADAPT website.

We aim to facilitate information exchange between members in order to help develop effective physiotherapy services worldwide.  We try to do this in a way that promotes an understanding of healthcare in all cultures and belief systems, which is socially, economically and environmentally appropriate.

We operate a buddy system between members for advice and support on clinical, cultural, educational, or any other matters that may arise whilst overseas.  This can involve providing information about specific countries and preparations for working there, or just being a listening ear from someone who understands the unique professional and personal situations that can arise when far from home.  It may also mean helping members to adjust to the change of coming home again and picking up the threads of returning to UK practice. Depending on your experience and circumstance you may be looking for a buddy or willing to be a buddy to others. Through the website, twitter feed and facebook page you will have access to articles on clinical, cultural and other issues. You will receive information on job opportunities overseas, voluntary placements, seminars and other relevant information that we as a group receive through various sources. There is also a research round-up posted on the website highlighting articles and research of interest.

You will be invited to attend an annual study day on topics relating to working overseas in a variety of settings. These study days are also wonderful opportunities to share accounts of your experiences with others who may have similar or very different stories to tell, or who could inspire you and offer wise advice about future plans.  We also host occasional regional events organised by ADAPT covering topics and stories of interest, and promoting further networking within our group. We are building up to running webinars and other talks using online software. 

Each year ADAPT runs a grant award (previously known as the ADAPT Award) for international projects, which provides money to the winner to undertake a project relating to physiotherapy and international development. Details of this are disseminated to members. 

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to:

Chartered Physiotherapists and student members of the CSP

International Physiotherapists and students who are registered to the Professional Body in their home country

Associate membership is open to:

Other AHPs, such as Occupational Therapists, and to Therapists from abroad

Non Chartered/Registered Qualified Physiotherapists or Non Registered Physiotherapy Students


Subscription costs are:

£20 All members – Salaried Member and Salaried Associate Member/ Student (including Student Associate Member)/Unsalaried Member/Retired

ADAPT is a non-profit making organisation and membership fees will be used to cover overheads such as running the website. The fees also fund the ADAPT grant and subsidies study days, to keep events affordable for all. We do not get any regular funding from the CSP but are able to apply for funds for specific reasons. 

What is Expected of Members?

A willingness to:

  • Share their experiences working in under-resourced countries to the benefit of other physiotherapists and students interested in overseas opportunities in low and middle income countries. 
  • Share cross-cultural expertise and experiences with colleagues working in cross-cultural settings in the UK to support the provision of ‘global health’ at home. 
  • Participate in requests for expertise to contribute to the development of expertise and resources by CSP, WCPT and other AHP’s professional groups for the development of global rehabilitation. 
  • Share any research or publications that you produce linked to your work in global health. 
  • Become a contributing member of icsp ADAPT pages where questions are posted by other members of our profession who may be thinking of this field for the first time. 

Support for CPD/lifelong learning

  • Annual conferences and study days address issues pertinent to CPD while abroad and returning to work in the UK. This is usually in November and is combined with the AGM.
  • Individual and group advice on individual issues while abroad which could form another part of your HCPC CPD requirements for maintaining registration. 
  • Valuing of experience abroad by encouragement to contribute to cross-cultural issues in the UK
  • Webinar series from ADAPT members to stimulate reflection and debate. 
  • Twitter feed for ongoing, real time, communication of global health issues. 
  • Multi-disciplinary network of AHP’s in this field through our professional friends in OT Frontiers and Communication Therapy International.