Meet the Team

Alice Inman



I am an experienced physiotherapist with a slightly eclectic portfolio career that has
spanned the specialities of paediatrics, orthopaedics and musculoskeletal medicine with many health care providers. I am now within the higher education sector as Programme Lead for a MSc Global Health at the University of Plymouth. I have experience of rehabilitation needs in LMIC’s working with CBR in Nepal, CRP in Bangladesh, ABDC in the West Bank and being lead physiotherapist for Future Health Africa. The latter has
involved multiple trips over the past decade to Kenya. Working as an ESP as part of an orthopaedic team to treat neglected trauma in partnership with Kenyan Government Hospitals I am interested in how to improve the quality of rehabilitation in resource poor

I have an MSc in Environment and Human Health, a fascinating course looking at the
wider determinants of health. I have a passionate belief that the world needs to be a
more equal place and that physiotherapy has a hugely valuable role as a sustainable
means of supporting so many with health needs across the globe.

Kate Mattick

PR Officer


I’m Kate. I graduated 7 years ago and am currently working part time in London whilst completing an MSc in Disability, Design and Innovation at UCL, I have a particular interest in assistive technology and service provision in low resource settings. Over the past 10 years I have mixed work in the UK with travel, work and volunteering in various other parts of the world. These experiences have given me insight into how poor access to health and rehabilitation services can plight lives. I am passionate about disability development, equality, training and delivering services in an ethical and sustainable way. In my spare time I teach pilates and am happiest when outdoors. 

Johanna Potter

Membership Secretary


My name is Johanna Potter and I am a MSK Physiotherapist who qualified in 2002 from Southampton University. I started my professional life in Leeds General Infirmary carrying out junior rotations, but quickly got itchy feet and went to work in Vietnam in an Orthopaedic Hospital.  I returned to the UK but wanted to carry on exploring the world, so joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Physio. This was the start of the Iraq and Afghan commitments so life was definitely busy and interesting. I left after 14 years in 2019 having specialised in MSK and gained a MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine. I married David, a Royal Navy Emergency Department Doctor in 2012, and we managed to wangle a year’s sabbatical (or honeymoon!) in 2013 when we drove to Sierra Leone and worked there for 6 months. During this time, I resurrected the old physio department in the hospital we were working in and this project has led on to the first Sierra Leonean accredited BSc Physiotherapy programme which is in its second year. 

My passion for travel and experiencing other cultures has led me to all corners of the world and I have worked in Bangladesh and Romania before I qualified. Since leaving the Army, I have had a third child and live just north of Plymouth. I plan to now focus more on Global Health as a speciality whilst keeping my MSK in date with a private clinic. 

I am the Membership Secretary for ADAPT and am very proud to be working alongside such a motivated group of individuals. I look forward to hearing from you and please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason. 

Fiona Lindsay

Research secretary


I have worked in the NHS, Tibetan refugee and Burmese migrant settlements, Indian clinics, Georgian social orphanages, on hundreds of wilderness endurance events and expeditions. I was the founder of Matterhorn Medical Ltd, (medical provider for wilderness endurance events and expeditions, brought by Promethus AlphaMed) and Athletes’ Angels Ltd (providing physio cover in remote locations). I grew up in Germany, Hong Kong, Canada and the UK, my background includes raising thousands of pounds and awareness for charities through my own expeditions, e.g. the Everest Marathon, ultra-marathons, Polar expeditions and solo bike expeditions through countries such as Pakistan and Cambodia. I have traveled extensively, lived in Asia and am now a mother, based in Scotland and working on Developing Physio. I was a Champion in Schools for the Winning Scotland Foundation. I have a passion to support those in need and believes that everyone can reach above and beyond their potential.

Rosie Swift

Research Officer


I qualified with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy in 2012, and after three years completing junior and senior rotations in the NHS moved to West Africa.

I worked in post-Ebola Sierra Leone for two years (both in MSK and Women’s Health) and then in Ghana (MSK). Through these roles I developed and delivered training for frontline healthcare workers, alongside clinical work, and I have experienced some of the challenges involved in applying evidence-based practice in local contexts.

I completed a Global and Remote Healthcare PG Cert (2018) which was a fantastic way to contextualise my work on Obstetric Fistula in Sierra Leone within an academic framework. This work brought to focus the cultural context, and my experiences through my first degree in Social Anthropology (B.Soc.Sci).

I am passionate about research and see how important it is for the future of our profession, both overseas and at home. Staying abreast of how the physiotherapy profession in the UK is evolving has been a priority for me whilst overseas.

Outside of work I am a busy mum to an active toddler, and squeeze in physical activity wherever I can – be it swimming, tennis, Pilates or hiking!

Lesley Dawson

Vice Chair

PhD, MSc, BA, DipTp, DipHSM, FCSP

I am a retired physiotherapist but have continued my work in the global heath sector. During my career I have developed a physiotherapy degree curriculum at Bethlehem University, also helped with development of an OT curriculum there (1988-1999). Additionally I have completed my Doctoral thesis “Cultural implications for physiotherapy education: The Bethlehem experience”(1997). As well as being involved in the training of teaching staff at UNRWA Gaza College of Nursing.

On my return to the UK, I was involved in a PT educational programme evaluation in Afghanistan, Nepal, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Portugal and have developed an entry level physiotherapy master’s programme at Brighton University using a Problem-Based Learning approach and as a result was invited to advise other programmes using PBL in Nepal, Estonia, Setubal and Oporto.

I am a field advisor for Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability (ABCD) in Jalazone and Ein Shams refugee camps in the West Bank and the education, and training advisor for Cerebral Palsy Africa (CPA) in Malawi, Zambia and Uganda.

I have also been involved in the evaluation of rehabilitation services provided by MOH in Gaza for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and have previously had the ADAPT committee roles; Research Officer and Chair.

Luke Stevens

PR Officer, Media and Membership Management


I qualified as a Physiotherapist from Northumbria University in March 2017. During my degree, I recognised my interest in global health so spent 3 months working in Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Sri Lanka. I worked across different departments with the physiotherapy team and also outreached for an NGO in rural communities where access to healthcare was difficult.

I gained rotational experience as a Physiotherapist within Newcastle Hospitals where I have had periods working in Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care, Stroke Rehabilitation, Major Trauma, Hands Burns and Plastics, Trauma Orthopaedics and Spines. Currently, I am a Specialist Physiotherapist in neurological services at Walkergate Park Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

In 2019, I presented research at the WCPT Congress in Geneva, regarding my MSc thesis around the roles and experiences of physiotherapist in the preparedness phase of disaster management. I have since been working towards a peer-review publication in conjunction with an NIHR Internship.

Being deployed as part of Medical Aid Palestine (MAP UK), myself and colleague delivered specialist neurological training to local physiotherapists in Gaza. We have since written up the work delivered and plan to share this at future conferences. I was passionate about continuing to support the development in Gaza so have remained in contact to continue sharing resources and providing online training.

Outside of work my interests are in adventure and expedition medicine. As such I have worked as a medic on different events and am part of Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team. 

Jessie Robinson

Committee Secretary, Membership Management


I’m Jessie and I qualified from the University of Nottingham nearly two years ago. I am currently working as a rotational Band 5 physiotherapist in London in an acute teaching hospital and Major Trauma Centre. I have rotational experience in Major Trauma, Respiratory and Intensive Care as well as T&O. I have international experience working in a Refugee Camp in Northern Greece as well as working in a street clinic in Thessaloniki for those who were not living in a Camp. I have also worked in Lusaka, Zambia in one of the Government-run hospitals in Intensive Care and Paediatrics as well as in a rural Zambian community clinic. I hope to continue working abroad gaining international experience, particularly in Humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Claire Mclvor



I studied Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham, and graduated in 2014. As a student, I completed an elective placement in Tanzania, and this is where my passion for international work began. After graduating, I travelled through Central and South America for 7 months before completing 3.5 years of Band 5 rotations at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT). In March 2019, I took a career break from LTHT and travelled to Madagascar where I worked as a voluntary Physiotherapist for 3 months. During this time, I collected data on the role of Physiotherapy in
Madagascar. I also supported and led training on Parkinson’s Disease, Amputee rehabilitation, and Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation. I have since written up the findings of my work in Madagascar into
a report which is under Peer Review in the journal of Disability & Rehabilitation. Since returning to Leeds, I have taken on a new role as a Band 6 Physiotherapist at LTHT where I work part time in the spinal service. I also work part time at the University of Leeds as a Research Physiotherapist in Spinal Cord Injuries. I am continuing to support the development of rehabilitation in Madagascar whilst based in Leeds, through fundraising and future trips centred around the development of rehabilitation services.

Amy Souster



I’m Amy, a physiotherapist working in rural Devon with an interest in international cooperation and work. I qualified from Manchester Uni in 2005 and moved to Devon to work and have been here ever since. I work in community rehabilitation which means I have a broad experience in almost all conditions. I have an MSc in neurological rehabilitation and am in my final year of a second MSc in amputee rehabilitation. 

I’m hugely interested in travel, cultures, languages and different ways of life and am passionate about my job and what a physio can do in all aspects of life and health. I’ve volunteered abroad as a physio in Kenya, Colombia, Guyana and spent a year career break with Funprobo, an amputee charity in Bolivia. I am currently still supporting Funprobo by recruiting and screening volunteers for them. I am also involved with a charity called Prosthetika which offers capacity building and teaching projects around the world. 
I’m passionate about global health issues and volunteering and knowledge sharing done correctly to fully support global communities.

Outside of Physio I live in the Dartmoor national park with a dog and a pony and spend my free time out on the moor riding, running, hiking or wild swimming. Heaven.