• Abi Clark – My Story
    Having always had a keen interest for humanitarian work, I wanted to involve myself with this area of physiotherapy having recently qualified. Whilst being a member of ADAPT, I was given the opportunity to spend some time working with ‘World Hope International’ in Sierra Leone, through the working relationships I … Continue reading “Abi Clark – My Story”
    Elspeth Robinson Background In 2002, after retirement as a physiotherapist, I read an article in Frontline about Kumi Hospital, an old leprosy centre in eastern Uganda and now a general hospital, asking for volunteers so I replied and soon arrived into an unknown world. Twenty years later, this has developed … Continue reading “KUMI COMMUNITY FOUNDATION”
  • An Interview with Alberta Rockson – Interburns
    Q. When and how did you become involved with Interburns? I have been involved been with humanitarian works through clinical works and trainings since 2010 when a Charity from United Kingdom Resurge Africa introduced me to ten days outreach program which was designed to be a yearly program which had … Continue reading “An Interview with Alberta Rockson – Interburns”
  • Interview of Kentaro Mizuya by Kristy
    Kentaro Mizuya (Ken) is a physiotherapist working in Japan. With a passion for humanitarian work, Ken has joined a few ADAPT events and shared his experience. We were interested to learn more about Ken’s experience, hence we had an informal interview in which Ken shared more about his humanitarian work. … Continue reading “Interview of Kentaro Mizuya by Kristy”
  • ADAPT Conference 2020
    You can find here a full recording of the Virtual ADAPT Conference 2020 “Rehabilitation in low resourced settings through pandemics” with a Bonus video which involves our Committee Member Fiona Lindsay interviewing Nishchal Ratna Shakya, Senior Physiotherapist & Phd Student, Kathmandu University: Implications of University closures due to Pandemics.