This page relates to the British CSP insurance cover, brokered by James Hallam Limited.

ADAPT are delighted to have been working closely with James Hallam Limited to better understand and refine members insurance cover when working overseas. 

We draw members attention to the specific documents here, especially pages 4,5 and 16

Further to this, the frequent question asked:

I am a qualified state registered physio and a member of the CSP. I am also HCPC registered. I have a letter of invitation to teach in a country (not including USA, Canada or Australia) but I am not a registered physio within that country.  I will not be ‘practicing’ with patients, only teaching within the scope of Physiotherapy practice as defined by the CSP. The countries policy is to be registered within that country to ‘practice’ (which I will not be doing as I am only teaching ). I have checked and it is legal to teach in the country, and there is no licence for teaching needed. Am I insured under the CSP insurance to teach?

Answer – Yes, you are covered for a duration not exceeding a total of 180 days during the policy year.

If you have any direct questions regarding your insurance, please contact the insurance brokers on: 

01245 428173

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