Respiratory Physio in low and middle income countries with Becky Nightingale

Becky Nightingale joined ADAPT members to share her experience as a respiratory physiotherapist as part of our monthly webinar series. Below you can read more about Becky and watch the recording that took place in April 2024.

More about Becky:

During this conversation, Becky spoke about her career in respiratory physiotherapy in low- and middle-income countries, including developing an acute service in rural Kenya, post-TB lung disease and enhancing access to inhaled medications.

Becky is a consultant respiratory physiotherapist and clinical researcher at Liverpool School of tropical medicine and health programmed lead for Dreamland Mission Hospital Kenya. Becky qualified from Southampton University in 2004, working at Southampton University Hospital trust and becoming a senior respiratory physiotherapist specialising in NIV and chronic lung diseases. Becky moved to Kenya in 2010 and worked to develop a small health center into a 100 bedded hospital, acting as CEO before handing over to a Kenyan team. She has a particular interest in health systems in East Africa and improving acute respiratory care in this environment. Becky completed an MSc in Global Health at University College London, focusing on adherence to antibiotic treatment for under-5’s with pneumonia. Becky went on to complete an Mres in clinical sciences at the University of Liverpool and finished an MRC funded PhD at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in 2020. She has post-graduate clinical qualifications including non-medical prescribing. Her PhD focused on lung health in complex populations: heroin users in the UK and people who had completed treatment for TB in Malawi. Becky now works teaching, doing research and clinically in Liverpool. She still visits and works with Kenya, travelling 3-4 times a year to Africa. Becky’s areas of research include post-TB lung disease where she has played a key role in the development of the first international clinical statement on post-TB lung disease and reporting the long terms effects of post-TB in Malawi. She is co-chair of the International post-TB symposium which take place in Stellenbosch, South Africa biannually and on the steering committee for the LSTM TB centre. She has other interests including, long covid and those with complex chronic lung conditions. Becky published extensively on the role of CPAP in covid as well as worked clinical to run the Covid out of critical care CPAP service.

Journal club with Alice Inman

Thanks to Alice and all attendees for this week’s journal club. The publication triggered lots of passionate and interesting conversation around learning & skills that global health opportunities bring to individuals. We discussed the power of reflection after these experiences to maximise these gains.

The publication supports and promotes finding a means of structured reflection with concurrent learning on leadership theory, as was provided in the workshops under investigation in this research. This format can help individuals recognise the skills gained and put them to use. We discussed how this format of learning & reflection could be promoted in the future within trusts, deaneries & ADAPT.

We are not sharing the session recording as it was an informal discussion with personal reflections from the participants. Please do feel welcome to join these journal club discussions in the future. They are informal & it’s not essential to have read the journal in detail.

If you were unable to join but would like to know more please read the publication from Alice and her team.

It was lovely to have Mary Jane Cole on the webinar who also shared her past publication on strengthens in global health experiences, Please see the link she has shared here:’_experiences_undertaking_short-term_responses_after_sudden-onset_disaster

Healthcare in Danger, its a Matter of Life and Death – Phillip Morgan ICRC

Philip Morgan is a Physical Rehabilitation Project Manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross and will present our first webinar of the year. Philip will take us through his journey from orthotist to his current experienced level in an international humanitarian organization. Phil graduated from Salford University in 2011, spent 5 years in the UK and joined the ICRC in 2007. During this time Philip has been to Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Ukraine, Cambodia, Yemen and Somalia. Philip will share his reflections on experiences of rehabilitation in humanitarian work, the future of this work in IRC and we hope to spark conversation around where the rehab sector is going.

Advised reading: Barth, C.A., Donovan-Hall, M., Blake, C., Jahan Akhtar, N., Capo-Chichi, J.M. and O’Sullivan, C., 2021. A focus group study to understand the perspectives of physiotherapists on barriers and facilitators to advancing rehabilitation in low-resource and conflict settings. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(22), p.12020.

Experiences of lower limb prosthesis users in Kenya

Kate conducted this research during her MSc in 2019/2020, and then subsequently was able to get it published in 2022. The research aimed to explore the motivations and satisfaction of prosthesis users in Kenya engaging in rehabilitation. The research process was de-railed slightly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Kate was able to conduct qualitative interviews online with those living in rural Kenya with the support of a Swahili translator, a Kenyan clinician and a mobile (not smart) phone. Here is the research paper (open access) : You may want to read the paper before – but it is not a requirement of participating and being part of this webinar.

ADAPT member’s talks and reflections from the World Physiotherapy Congress

Did you know that 5 members of ADAPT were at the World Physiotherapy Congress in Dubai in early June. Join us on 18th July at 7.30 pm to hear member’s short presentations and reflections on the experience.

Beth Anderson gave a platform presentation; ‘Investigating the experiences of caregivers and children living with disabilities and the impact of rehabilitation programmes in Freetown, Sierra Leone’.

Alice Inman was part of a focused symposium titled ‘Can evidence in High income countries be used in low income countries’.

Anna Vines had a poster on ‘How Covid-19 experience can be used to inform the use of blended learning in the physiotherapy school in Sierra Leone’

Kate Mattick had two e-posters, one of which was titled ‘Community of Practice; An integrative review to inform network development.

The other was reflections of a international qualitative study exploring LL prosthesis use in Kenya Alberta Rockson presented in a seminar on Advanced Practice in Developing Countries and facilitated a leadership networking session.

Join us to hear from Beth, Alice, Kate and Alberta to give their talks and reflections.

Anna is presenting her work at our ADAPT conference (save the date 24th November 2023), so you’ll have to wait for that

A reflection on a recent World Physiotherapy project in Sierra Leone

This is wonderful chance to hear about and support some of the work done by our fellow ADAPT members and to share and discuss experiences around teaching in other countries. The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy started in Sierra Leone in 2017 to give a boost to the profession of physiotherapists in Sierra Leone.

The programme is a newly developed and with only a small number of physiotherapists in the country it can only be supported by a few wonderful individuals. Based on this World Physiotherapy carried out a visit and established that some of the clinical skills of the students were limited as they have very little exposure to clinical practice. World Physiotherapy took a cohort of experienced physiotherapists – both clinicians and academics – from its membership in the region and beyond to deliver a week long programme in the style of a ‘bootcamp training’. The bootcamp programme included lectures and practical sessions, giving teachers and students exposure to extra physiotherapy education and practice.

During this informal webinar we are excited to be joined by Meesha and Bart who are the 2 ADAPT members who were selected to teach during the bootcamp and will share their experiences and hope it will lead on to further conversations. We hope to welcome you all.

Celine sharing her experience in Zambia on a health fellowship

It’s a pleasure to invite Celine, who has returned from a HEE fellowship in Zambia and is really keen to share her experiences and passion for the project. Celine graduated from University of East London in 2019 and worked as a community physiotherapist for 3 years. She was always eager to expand her skills and support the reduction off health inequalities. The 6 month fellowship to Zambia with health education England was working on a quality improvement project with the Zambian national blood transfusion service.

The aim to recruit and retain blood donors. Celine has now returned and is back in the NHS with the leadership skills she has gained within an orthopaedics department in St. Helier Hospital. The webinar is a great opportunity to hear more about Celine’s project, ask questions and chat as a group around global health projects.