A reflection on a recent World Physiotherapy project in Sierra Leone

This is wonderful chance to hear about and support some of the work done by our fellow ADAPT members and to share and discuss experiences around teaching in other countries. The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy started in Sierra Leone in 2017 to give a boost to the profession of physiotherapists in Sierra Leone.

The programme is a newly developed and with only a small number of physiotherapists in the country it can only be supported by a few wonderful individuals. Based on this World Physiotherapy carried out a visit and established that some of the clinical skills of the students were limited as they have very little exposure to clinical practice. World Physiotherapy took a cohort of experienced physiotherapists – both clinicians and academics – from its membership in the region and beyond to deliver a week long programme in the style of a ‘bootcamp training’. The bootcamp programme included lectures and practical sessions, giving teachers and students exposure to extra physiotherapy education and practice.

During this informal webinar we are excited to be joined by Meesha and Bart who are the 2 ADAPT members who were selected to teach during the bootcamp and will share their experiences and hope it will lead on to further conversations. We hope to welcome you all.