ADAPT member’s talks and reflections from the World Physiotherapy Congress

Did you know that 5 members of ADAPT were at the World Physiotherapy Congress in Dubai in early June. Join us on 18th July at 7.30 pm to hear member’s short presentations and reflections on the experience.

Beth Anderson gave a platform presentation; ‘Investigating the experiences of caregivers and children living with disabilities and the impact of rehabilitation programmes in Freetown, Sierra Leone’.

Alice Inman was part of a focused symposium titled ‘Can evidence in High income countries be used in low income countries’.

Anna Vines had a poster on ‘How Covid-19 experience can be used to inform the use of blended learning in the physiotherapy school in Sierra Leone’

Kate Mattick had two e-posters, one of which was titled ‘Community of Practice; An integrative review to inform network development.

The other was reflections of a international qualitative study exploring LL prosthesis use in Kenya Alberta Rockson presented in a seminar on Advanced Practice in Developing Countries and facilitated a leadership networking session.

Join us to hear from Beth, Alice, Kate and Alberta to give their talks and reflections.

Anna is presenting her work at our ADAPT conference (save the date 24th November 2023), so you’ll have to wait for that