Amputees and prosthetics in 8 LMIC countries – A Scoping review by Amy Souster

We are very excited to introduce one of the ADAPT committee members Amy Souster presenting her interesting webinar on her study scoping review on amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation in 8 LMICs, with themes around what access, barriers and what guidance is being meet in the literature. Amy has 2 MScs one in neurological rehabilitation and the other in amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation. Amy has volunteered abroad as a physio in Kenya, Colombia, Guyana and spent a year career break with Funprobo, an amputee charity in Bolivia. She is currently still supporting Funprobo and additionally involved with a charity called Prosthetika which offers capacity building and teaching projects around the world. Amy has a lot of experience and knowledge to share and the webinar is a wonderful opportunity to hear about her research and some interesting discussions from other specialists and physios.