Celine sharing her experience in Zambia on a health fellowship

It’s a pleasure to invite Celine, who has returned from a HEE fellowship in Zambia and is really keen to share her experiences and passion for the project. Celine graduated from University of East London in 2019 and worked as a community physiotherapist for 3 years. She was always eager to expand her skills and support the reduction off health inequalities. The 6 month fellowship to Zambia with health education England was working on a quality improvement project with the Zambian national blood transfusion service.

The aim to recruit and retain blood donors. Celine has now returned and is back in the NHS with the leadership skills she has gained within an orthopaedics department in St. Helier Hospital. The webinar is a great opportunity to hear more about Celine’s project, ask questions and chat as a group around global health projects.