Healthcare in Danger, its a Matter of Life and Death – Phillip Morgan ICRC

Philip Morgan is a Physical Rehabilitation Project Manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross and will present our first webinar of the year. Philip will take us through his journey from orthotist to his current experienced level in an international humanitarian organization. Phil graduated from Salford University in 2011, spent 5 years in the UK and joined the ICRC in 2007. During this time Philip has been to Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Ukraine, Cambodia, Yemen and Somalia. Philip will share his reflections on experiences of rehabilitation in humanitarian work, the future of this work in IRC and we hope to spark conversation around where the rehab sector is going.

Advised reading: Barth, C.A., Donovan-Hall, M., Blake, C., Jahan Akhtar, N., Capo-Chichi, J.M. and O’Sullivan, C., 2021. A focus group study to understand the perspectives of physiotherapists on barriers and facilitators to advancing rehabilitation in low-resource and conflict settings. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(22), p.12020.