Journal club with Alice Inman

Thanks to Alice and all attendees for this week’s journal club. The publication triggered lots of passionate and interesting conversation around learning & skills that global health opportunities bring to individuals. We discussed the power of reflection after these experiences to maximise these gains.

The publication supports and promotes finding a means of structured reflection with concurrent learning on leadership theory, as was provided in the workshops under investigation in this research. This format can help individuals recognise the skills gained and put them to use. We discussed how this format of learning & reflection could be promoted in the future within trusts, deaneries & ADAPT.

We are not sharing the session recording as it was an informal discussion with personal reflections from the participants. Please do feel welcome to join these journal club discussions in the future. They are informal & it’s not essential to have read the journal in detail.

If you were unable to join but would like to know more please read the publication from Alice and her team.

It was lovely to have Mary Jane Cole on the webinar who also shared her past publication on strengthens in global health experiences, Please see the link she has shared here:’_experiences_undertaking_short-term_responses_after_sudden-onset_disaster