Respiratory Physio in low and middle income countries with Becky Nightingale

Becky Nightingale joined ADAPT members to share her experience as a respiratory physiotherapist as part of our monthly webinar series. Below you can read more about Becky and watch the recording that took place in April 2024.

More about Becky:

During this conversation, Becky spoke about her career in respiratory physiotherapy in low- and middle-income countries, including developing an acute service in rural Kenya, post-TB lung disease and enhancing access to inhaled medications.

Becky is a consultant respiratory physiotherapist and clinical researcher at Liverpool School of tropical medicine and health programmed lead for Dreamland Mission Hospital Kenya. Becky qualified from Southampton University in 2004, working at Southampton University Hospital trust and becoming a senior respiratory physiotherapist specialising in NIV and chronic lung diseases. Becky moved to Kenya in 2010 and worked to develop a small health center into a 100 bedded hospital, acting as CEO before handing over to a Kenyan team. She has a particular interest in health systems in East Africa and improving acute respiratory care in this environment. Becky completed an MSc in Global Health at University College London, focusing on adherence to antibiotic treatment for under-5’s with pneumonia. Becky went on to complete an Mres in clinical sciences at the University of Liverpool and finished an MRC funded PhD at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in 2020. She has post-graduate clinical qualifications including non-medical prescribing. Her PhD focused on lung health in complex populations: heroin users in the UK and people who had completed treatment for TB in Malawi. Becky now works teaching, doing research and clinically in Liverpool. She still visits and works with Kenya, travelling 3-4 times a year to Africa. Becky’s areas of research include post-TB lung disease where she has played a key role in the development of the first international clinical statement on post-TB lung disease and reporting the long terms effects of post-TB in Malawi. She is co-chair of the International post-TB symposium which take place in Stellenbosch, South Africa biannually and on the steering committee for the LSTM TB centre. She has other interests including, long covid and those with complex chronic lung conditions. Becky published extensively on the role of CPAP in covid as well as worked clinical to run the Covid out of critical care CPAP service.